Toro Mai To Ringa – Cultural Tools for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Toro Mai To Ringa is host for the Te Tomokanga, Te Tomo Mai, Chur Chur Bro and Kia Ai Te Tangata indigenous tools and resources for use in Child and Adolescent Mental Health services (CAMHS) and Kura in Aotearoa. The website provides easy access to these indigenous tools for District Health Boards (DHBs) CAMHS, Non-Governmental Organisation CAMHS and Kura in Aotearoa.

Te Tomokanga and Te Tomo Mai are cultural responsive tools developed to help contribute to improving and providing positive experiences for Maori users of CAMHS. These tool measurements are vital components of cultural processes and exit protocols with Māori whānau and rangatahi.  They contribute to the CAMHS evaluation process being culturally responsive for Māori.

The Chur Chur Bro resource is a bilingual mental health self-help care website for Rangatahi Māori. This resource offers interactive activities that focus on mental health care information and knowledge.

The Kia Ora Ai Te Mauri O Te Tangata resource is an innovative DVD where rangatahi tell their stories around their issues with alcohol and other drugs, as well as how they were able to stop.